Time to say good bye to types

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Today I just finished all the ‘t’ sub-commands. Things were not so smooth at the beginning, But as time passed, things started getting clearer and clearer. The principle behind ‘t’ is quite simple. It has a database, anal/types which behaves like a hash table (I guess). Links are stored with link. prefix, structs with struct. and pretty much everything else. You got the idea… Every command does one simple thing - query the database and compute output based on the certain conditions.

What I really expanded this week are the tl and t* they were easier than I expected t* was very, very usefull it allowed us to store the types as a script so we can load/unload types. This will be very helpful when saving and loading projects.

EDIT : May 8, 2016

How will type commands be useful?

Well, they won’t be usefull on their own, and at their current state, I am not expecting anyone to be using them, but They well be very usefull for projects like radeco and for now when I add type propagation support to the analysis of r2.



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