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What if debuggers couldn’t help.

6 minute read

So it seems that I passed GSOC’s first evaluation which means I will still get to work on porting relibc to Gentoo. The whole task feels like a game. But no,...

A tale of Thread Local Storage(TLS) bug

4 minute read

At some point during my work on porting relibc to gentoo, I reached to the point where I am working on compiling relibc based gcc that would emit gcc based b...

GSOC 2020 with gentoo

8 minute read

A few days ago, Google as announced the results for GSOC 2020. And guess what! I have been selected this year to work at gentoo project. I have already appli...

Lattice-Based Cryptanalysis

13 minute read

Hey there, it is been a long time since my last post. In this post, I will walk through a challenge that took me lots of time to solve. It is the LOL challen...

Kaspersky CTF Backdoor PI

3 minute read

This is the second I solved during Kaspersky CTF 2017. This challenge is mix of both reverse engineering and forensics. The challenge